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The story behind the success of company - How it started

A famous adage popularly says,
Courage does not always roar it is sometimes a quiet voice. At the end of the day, it is only that ‘Tomorrow I will try once more’

It was not an easy decision to start this mega project seeing this as one of the world’s first ever & only fully automated IT infrastructure table ware manufacturing plant. Apart from the huge capital there was a huge requirement of the trained first level qualified technical manpower for this project. Mega resources were needed too to make this most modern & sophisticated manufacturing machinery operational and work to its full capacity.

When there are no traces of the footsteps on the sand then you need a hell lot of courage to create those on your own and mind it, not everybody can do it as the stakes are always very high while the returns are never guaranteed. But once you create them, they become milestones for the generations to come.

This becomes very difficult if you are from a non business background. Padmashri Swapan Guha was a technocrat by profession so doing business was alien to him and his founder team.

Same happened in the case of Hopewell tableware project. Power of the vision combined with the limitless courage successfully and created one of the most successful entrepreneurial stories.

Investments to the tune of around Rupees 75 crore were channelized into the system and the company was conceptualized with a simple business thought to facilitate an entire international range of Opel and Melamine tableware to the masses.

This company had a strong foundation of principles & values while money making was never an objective from the day one. The project was never treated like a business but as a child needing nurturing and caring.

It was more of a challenge too for a technocrat to create a mega manufacturing business successfully. 32 years of industry exposure and rich experience of founder chairman in launching some of the great ceramic & table ware brands internationally came in handy and paved the way to mega success.

Initially Pure Melamine products were launched by the company which was accepted very well in the market. Since the manufacturing plant was in its initial stage therefore focus was more on its functioning and less on the marketing aspects.

But gradually marketing efforts were synchronized by the dedicated team of recruited professionals and with their sustained & cumulative efforts under the guidance of the management, company successfully built a nationwide strong base of 50 premium distributors and dealer strength of 2000.

Powerful hands joined together to create a strong framework of infrastructure, technology and resources to give birth to a renaissance in ceramics and tableware.

Latest trends in designs and exceptional quality of resource materials were channelized internationally to this system with the help of state of art technology to create the revolutionary end products. These products were innovative, trendy and stood by the test of the time.

Swapan Guha, recipient of Padmashri from Government of India for his contribution to the ceramic industry and Perm Singh Bajor, who is the founder chairperson of the Bajor Group of companies, two strong forces in their own field joined their hands together in the year 2010 to pioneer this dream organization.
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