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Hopewell tableware (P) Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Opal Melamine & Bone china tableware. With latest and state of art production technology and a dedicated team of professionals we always strive for creating exquisite, elegant and attractive tableware designs. With our enviable client profile and strong distribution network the company has established itself as a brand to reckon with among the reputed names in corporate, retail and hospitality.

We have excellent quality control systems in place at all entry and exit levels to ensure that the end product confirms to the international standards of design & quality.

We have created our niche in the nascent Opal ware industry of India by creating innovative designs of eco-friendly and recyclable products. We boast of the country’s only in house automated manufacturing facility



Hopewell Tableware (P) Ltd was the brain child of Padmashri Swapan Guha who is a technocrat and a great visionary. In the last 3 years of its establishment and under his dynamic leadership, the company has grown to leaps and bounds and established itself as one of the leading brands in tableware products.

With almost more than 30 years of industry experience of working with and establishing some of the most reputed tableware brands worldwide, Padmashri Swapan Guha and his team had put this company at the forefront of the ceramic industry map of country.



We envision ourselves as a leading company in creating innovative quality tableware for the global population without compromising with our business values & principles.



Exploring new horizons in the world of fine dining by integration and constant enhancement of our existing potential in product design, quality, cost & supply for the extreme delight of client.
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